Episode 17 Show Notes

Mind Your Business: An Interview with Mindset Expert, Anita Heidema

Big dreams can only be reached by clear mindsets and intentions, and every successful entrepreneur knows it, especially our very first guest, Anita Heidema, a mindset and strategy guru, founder, and CEO of Rich Life & Biz System and Passion is Cooking, who tells us what is the secret to clearing your mindset and overcome limitations to grow your business.

In this episode, Pam and Jane share mics with Anita to talk about auto success mindset, limiting believes, and conditioning your mindset towards success. They also address common issues for entrepreneurs such as fear of success or the importance of having a support group.


Today we discuss:

  • [01:27] Introduction: Anita Heidema, mindset and strategy guru for entrepreneurs
  • [04:43] Anita Heidema on mindset. What are limiting beliefs
  • [07:56] How to start changing your mindset to overcome limiting beliefs. Self-awareness is the starting point
  • [12:21] Conditioning your mindset as the second stage to change it
  • [14:20] Fear of success. Why does it happen and how to overcome it
  • [17:27] How to keep yourself motivated to stay on track building a successful mindset
  • [20:48] 3 tips to overcome mindset blocks and build a successful business from Anita Heidema


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About Anita Heidema

As a successful entrepreneur, I am called a Mindset & Strategy Guru by both Executives and Entrepreneurs, credited with getting them clear on their ‘big dreams’, so they can build a successful business and lifestyle. I do this through implementing and facilitating programs, and providing leadership-focused strategies to help them achieve a rich life and business on their terms.
My credentials include over 30 years of formal study and experience in management for a global $7-billion company, focusing on high-level sales, business and personal development. I am a proud life-long student and teacher, having gained much of my formal education at Erickson for Coaching, NLP, Hypnotherepy, Harvard Mentor Business and teaching business at Ryerson University in the graphic communications program. Yet, I attribute my most valuable learning from the University of Life which I credit with teaching me the insights and expertise I share through my Mind Your Business classMeditationsRich Life & Business programs, in my best-selling book Vitality Knocks, and on my Ah-Ha Moments for Success Podcast.
Second generation Dutch, I am an avid proponent for health awareness, nutritional advocate and juice expert where I pair juicing for health and taste to all of Passion Is Cooking meal creations. I am also both a mentor and brain & mental health advocate to others after helping my family navigate through my mother’s Lewybody Dementia and President to FHLDF. I also present seminars on the health and relationship benefits of healthy home cooking, having recently launched the “Cook Together to Stay Together” Passion Is Cooking Lifestyle TV and growing Passion Is Cooking to become a multi-platform lifestyle, travel, food and cooking media program, together with world-renowned Italian Chef Dario Tomaselli.

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Pam (00:00): You’re listening to episode 17 of the Flourish and Grow to CEO Podcast.

Pam (00:26):

Are you a lady boss making 50 to a hundred thousand in your business, and you’re ready to break through that six figure barrier?

Jane (00:33):

Have you done a great job of creating a nice life as the ultimate gig master, but know your inner CEO is calling you to greater Heights. You’re in the right place. If you want to create and implement solid fundamentals in your business without sacrificing fun.

Pam (00:48):

I’m Pam Ivey. I’m certified in small business management and I concentrate in the areas of training and certifying real estate assistance, coaching and mentoring entrepreneurs in online business, marketing growth and profit acceleration. And I take men and women business owners aged 40 plus to bucket list destinations around the world for a month at a time to work, explore, and live in community.

Jane (01:14):

And I’m Jane Garee, known as the sales strategist for the non-salesperson. And I work with business owners who want to increase their conversion rate, shorten their sales cycle and have more impact and influence with the work they do all while having more fun with selling.

Pam (01:27):

Hey everyone. And welcome to another episode of the Flourish and Grow to CEO Podcast. You’re going to be so happy that you’ve joined us today because we’re speaking to mindset expert, Anita Heidema and who doesn’t need a little help with mindset. Let me tell you about a little bit about Anita. Before we jump in. As a successful entrepreneur and Anita Heidema is called a mindset and strategy guru by both executives and entrepreneurs credited with getting them clear on their big dreams so they can build a successful business and lifestyle. She does this through implementing and facilitating programs and providing leadership focus strategies to help them achieve a rich life and business on their terms. Anita’s credentials include over 30 years of formal study and experience in management for a global $7 billion company, focusing on high-level sales business and personal development. She’s a proud lifelong student and teacher having gained much of her formal education at Ericsson for coaching and LP, hypnotherapy, Harvard mentor, business, and teaching business at Ryerson university in the graphic communications program.

Pam (02:42):

Yet she attributes her most valuable learning from the university of life, which she credits with teaching her the insights and expertise she shares to her mind, your business class, meditation’s rich life and business programs and inner best-selling book, vitality knocks, which I’ve read in is excellent by the way, and on her aha moments for success podcast. Second generation Dutch Anita is an avid proponent for health awareness, nutritional advocate and juice expert, where she pairs juicing for health and taste to all of passion is cooking meal creations. She’s also a mental health advocate to others after helping her family navigate through her mother’s Lewy body dementia and president to F H L D F, which is the Fenna Heidema Lewy body foundation. She also presents seminars on the health and relationship benefits of healthy home cooking. Having recently launched the cook together and stay together. Passion is cooking lifestyle, TV and growing passion is cooking to become a multi-platform lifestyle, travel food and cooking media program together with world renowned Italian chef Dario Tomaselli. Welcome to the show, Anita. We’re so happy to have you.

Anita Heidema (04:08):

Oh, thank you so much for having me, Pam and Jane. I’m really, really honored to be here. And you know, that intro was really, really good, but it shows you how old I am. It was way too long and too many things, but thank you so much for doing that.

Pam (04:23):

Thankfully, Anita, our audience is generally women 40 and up so we can all relate.

Jane (04:31)

And I have to say, now I’m just in the mood to eat some Italian food so after the podcast

Anita Heidema (04:39):

I’ll be cooking it up and sending it over.

Pam (04:43):

Awesome. Well, let’s jump right in because you know, mindset is such an important pillar in our flourish and grow to CEO success group of pillars. It’s our very first one. So let’s jump in, ask some questions to Anita. Perfect. And I think the best one to start with is how would you describe, or what are limiting beliefs,

Anita Heidema (05:09):

Limiting beliefs are those thoughts and opinions that you have in a lot of the times they come to you in childhood. And most of the times you don’t even realize that they’re there. It’s just that hidden thing that you go through life without even realizing that they’re holding you back and moving forward and so many things in your life. And I always love to have people think of it. As you know, every single movie that’s out there has an expression of a limited belief you think about that, you know, you think of Rocky and for those of you that know Rocky that are old enough, um, you know, he goes through that time period in his life where he’s out there boxing and he doesn’t believe what he can do, you know? And then all of a sudden he gets to that moment, you know, he’s running up the stairs, the big sound and music comes, you know, Adrian, and next thing you know, he’s in himself and, and, and getting past that point, you know, and all the Disney movies, there’s always that transformation and, and most people’s lives. Like I think too, you know, when I worked in corporate, you know, I didn’t believe I could be an entrepreneur. And when I ended up changing those mindsets, that state to realize you can do it, it just changes everything. It just changes everything in your life.

Pam (06:20):

How absolutely true. And I love your examples. It is so true that all the movies or so many of the movies, especially the Disney movies, as you say, really highlight limiting beliefs and overcoming them, love it.

Anita Heidema (06:35):

And it’s the best way for people to see it because when you’re in it yourself, you don’t necessarily realize it. I mean, it’s only been the last maybe 10 years, but a little bit before that, when you think of some of the other speakers that are out there that really understand that mindset change. And I think one of the biggest original ones was thinking grow rich. You know, it was that change in belief that could change who you are and what things are holding you back with your limited beliefs.

Pam (07:01):

So is it really just about positive thinking or is it more than that?

Anita Heidema (07:05):

There’s a lot of things to, to mindset, but positive thinking of course is a, is a big component to it. I think the first step is always to be aware of it, but it’s not just in the positive thinking. There is in the actions that you do, but affirmations definitely are a key component to being able to build those habits and condition yourself to, to be able to have that correct mindset to move forward.

Jane (7:33)

This is such good stuff, Anita, I’m so excited that you’re sharing this with us. And I actually went to a kickboxing class yesterday and it’s the first time I’ve done it. And it’s probably been 10 years. And it’s so funny that you brought up the Rocky example because what I really missed and came through yesterday is just the clarity and the focus that is needed and then actually starts to happen and improves when, you know, I was there punching the bag.

Jane (07:56):

So the mind is just, so if there’s just so much up there and so much about it that we don’t understand. So what do you wish people knew about mindset? That if they did know it, it would just be life-changing for them.

Anita Heidema (8:11):

To me, it’s, it’s, it’s going back to the state. It changes everything. Once you realize that, that it can change everything that’s so important. And you know, you have to be able to go through that awareness part of it first. And that’s a big thing too, to really understand that mindset changes can really change your whole mind and being aware of what those things that are holding you back. You know, that fear of something is usually the key component, but being able to get past that and to realize it is, it just opens up the world for you. So kind of the first step to knowing you have a problem is admitting you have a problem.

Anita Heidema (08:46):

So the first step to knowing that you’re being held back or that you’re in your way is, is really knowing that that’s what’s going on. Is that what you’re saying? Yeah. So that’s the awareness of it. And, and a lot of people, they put this in their back pocket. There’s nothing wrong. I don’t carry anything. And I I’m, I’m sorry. I don’t know. I don’t care who you are. You are carrying something, you know, and that’s why this is an ongoing journey thing, because it’s something from your past something that’s holding you back and it’s conditioning yourself versus being aware of it and understanding it. And then it’s conditioning yourself to be able to move yourself forward, past those limiting beliefs.

Jane (9:23):

Yeah. I think that’s such a big thing. I have a friend who used to say, there’s no out there, out there. And it was always in response to while people were just getting weird out there or it’s starting to feel stressful out there.

Anita Heidema (09:34):

And so she would always say, there’s no out there, out there. And when I would start to go into that space, sometimes I would remember that. And just remember, it’s always that it’s always an inside job. I’ve got to go back. Cause if I’m feeling stressed, it’s in there. Not out there.

Anita Heidema (9:49):

Yeah. It’s usually in yourself. And even the way you perceive things, I mean, we can go really deep into this, but the way you perceive things and what people say to you, I mean, that’s a whole other level of it. It usually is something that you’re carrying within yourself or a limiting belief within yourself. So there’s so many different levels to this that are so important. And it’s true. It’s an inner game and it’s conditioning your inner self, right? That’s so important. And once you do that, the strategies and business, the strategies in your life, I mean, things just start to unfold for you. It’s it’s quite miraculous.

Pam (10:21):

Hey lady, boss, would you like to learn how to quickly create information products that you can sell to add additional streams of income to your business? Check out our fast and profitable info products course@flourish.biz forward slash F I P what’s great is you’ll learn how to make information products quickly using content that you already have. This video course is available for only 49 bucks, less than a couple of Starbucks coffees I kid, but not by much. So head over to flourish dot Bez forward slash F I P that’s F L O U R I S H dot BIS ed Forrest slash F I P as in fast info products. All right. Let’s get back to the show.

Jane (11:15):

Yeah. So let me ask you this then. What do you think people who seem to always experience success in every area of their life know or do that someone who struggles in life doesn’t know or do?

Anita Heidema (11:27):

Yeah. I still go back to that awareness and just doing it. So it’s awareness of knowing that you’re constantly in this inner game and understanding it. So when your awareness is there, when you go to take action, something, you actually take that first breath first, to be able to know that you need to make a different outcome and what you want to do to be able to move forward. So the thing that they do is, is that awareness and understanding and working on the inner game, the people are successful. There have changed their state. And once you’ve changed your state, everything else unfolds. And they work through it every day and they condition themselves and it’s building those habits to, for success. And what I call the auto success mindset. And it’s in one of my programs where I actually work with hypnotherapy and, you know, it’s, it’s changing those things and those successful people out there that’s what they’ve done is they’ve worked on themselves to be able to make themselves better internally so that they can be better outside. I think

Pam (12:21):

That’s really interesting. You mentioned the word conditioning a few times there. So is that affirmations or is it a whole bunch of different things?

Anita Heidema (12:32):

Well, a lot of the times we work with awareness first, which is like the first sort of peer, which talks about your root success. What’s important where you want to go, what is holding you back? What your limited beliefs are, you’ll journaling and understanding what that is. And then the second part of that, once you’ve got all that sort of put in place and sort of can understand it’s the conditioning, and it’s the one that you are, you know, looking at your biochemistry and being able to bring your energy level up and how you act. It’s talking about those affirmations and being able to program yourself in those belief systems that you have. So, you know, you’re not good enough. You’re not able to do this. And a lot of the times affirmations, they program your subconscious mind to be able to think the positive way, you know, then you need to look at what you’re focusing on.

Anita Heidema (13:21):

And it all is part of those habits that you build over a time period, that it’s going to bring you from a to B, it’s going to be able to condition your mind to that auto success mindset, you know, trained in, in hypnotherapy. I’ve created a lot of meditations around that. And when I work with clients, one-on-one we get into that awareness and really understanding what it is that’s holding you back because usually it’s fear, but it’s, it’s just tweaking it so that you really understand what that, you know, you, everyone talks about micro niching and what that, what that micro-niche of your brain is always like to say. And then what is that? That’s going to be able to change that, to make sure that you bring those positivity, those thoughts, and being able to have that auto success mindset. So when you’re in that moment and in that thought process, you know, that you’re going to be turning right and not left.

Pam (14:11):

I love it. So it’s a conscious decision and it’s so important because as you say so many people have that limiting belief of fear of something like you say, not being good enough. And a really great example is working on an online course, let’s say, and not wanting to release it or launch it because it’s just not good enough. That’s so that’s really great. Yeah. Something I’ve discovered and you’ve actually helped me with this because Anita and I have known each other for quite a while is I actually have a fear of success. Can you talk to us? I mean, that just seems so ludicrous to me, but it really is a thing, isn’t it?

Anita Heidema (14:57):

Yeah. It’s, it’s, it’s actually bigger than most people think because you know, you’re running around, making things happen in your life when you want to be successful. And everyone looks at where they’re going to be. They look at the goal that, you know, I want to be, you know, living the Time-Life freedom, the financial freedom, all of that. And without realizing that a lot of times you’re fearful of that success. Is it going to change you? Is it going to give you limited time in behind there? You might have some time period in your life where you’ve seen someone that has been successful and you think, Oh, you know, they’re too snobby or they don’t tend them have proper things in their life, or they’re not genuine or whatever that might be. And so you have that fear of success and where things are going. And it’s, it’s huge. Actually. It’s huge for a lot of people, so they trug along, but there’s always that little thing that’s going to bring them to that next level that still holds them back. And they think to themselves, you know what, I’ve done all this, but it’s that one little trigger that is holding them back from success because they have that limited belief.

Pam (15:59):

Exactly. A lot of people have seen me create really successful programs. And as soon as I’m right on the cusp of breaking into say a hun, a six-figure launch or something, I turned another corner. Yeah. So it’s really interesting. But now that I’m aware of it, I’m taking steps not to jump ship when I get really close to that, to that success. So that’s really awesome.

Anita Heidema (16:25):

And that’s the one thing about training yourself with an auto success mindset. You’ve come to those triggers. You’re like, okay, what am I doing today? What is this? And you become aware that you’re holding yourself back and with that in what it is that you wanting to create, right. And, or having a mentor, having a coach or somebody that will say, Hey, you know what, you’re not really doing what you’re saying. You’re doing here. You’re, you’re holding yourself back. What is it? And there’s this wall that’s there. And once that was down, this just, everything opens up for you. Once you can get past the mindset and past those limiting beliefs.

Jane (16:58):

So when you’re sitting in a spot with, let’s say that you are aware that you have limiting beliefs. So this is, we’re talking about somebody who’s very clear that that’s what’s going on for them.

Jane (17:05):

And you’re kind of in that funk. So you know that, you know that you’re in a funk and you know that, you know, you’re in a fund because you’re telling yourself the stories and the stories keep going, but you’re struggling to get out of it. So what advice could you give to us of how do you raise your vibration or do a one 80 with your mindset when, you know, you’re way off track, but you can’t get motivated to change.

Anita Heidema (17:27):

Yeah. I find that to bringing that energy level up is, is always a great thing that I’ve used for my clients in that. And even for myself, I mean, you know, yes, I, I, you know, I work on mindset. I do, but we all run into the situation. You’ve got to give yourself grace at this happens to everybody. And you know, what I’ve done with my clients is I say, get yourself off that couch, get yourself moving, go to that, kickboxing, go to that gym or go for a walk or go into nature and really bring those vibrations up.

Anita Heidema (17:55):

And I know it’s, it might sound silly, but I usually have my clients or myself, I’ll go there and we’ll go, yes, yes. And we’ll get ourselves pumped up. And I find that triggers your actual chemistry within your body, the biology that’s in your body to say, okay, fine. We can, we can do this so we can move forward beyond that. I also agreed that having those positive people in your life is so important and, and having, you know, they see are the sum of the five people you hang around. I don’t know who originally came up with that, but it’s such a, such a true comment. And it’s so good that, you know, when you have yourself, you know, a mentor group or a coach or friends that are really, really supportive for you, when you do get into those mindsets frames where you’re thinking yourself, I can’t do this.

Anita Heidema (18:38):

What am I doing? You know, I’m saying, I am this, I am that the positive thinking. And it’s just, you get yourself super beat up. Especially during these times with COVID. I mean, it’s been crazy. It’s always nice to have that support group and then to get out there and to nature and build up that, that vibrations in that the energy and the biochemistry within yourself.

Jane (18:56):

I think that support from other people is it can never be underestimated or undervalued because so many of us as business owners, really what that’s code for is we sit alone in a room in our home. And whether it’s a a hundred thousand dollar business or a million dollar business, even at the million dollar Mark, I know I’ve worked with a lot of clients and they are at home in a room in front of their computer because their team is virtual.

Jane (19:24):

So really getting the support that you need with other people and for other people, because it’s not just receiving support, it’s also being able to contribute into it. So I think really, really keeping that in mind. Cause I know some, some of the biggest funks I’ve ever gotten into could have been shortened up by just an amazing amount of time, if I would have gotten up out of my office and go gone out and actually sought in person, company.

Anita Heidema (19:51):

Yeah. Yeah. And that’s, and you know, you got made a really good point there. It’s true. You know, the time is wasted, right? Like I look back to, I mean, it kind of brings you to where you are, but I look back to, you know, I was an entrepreneur when I was a kid. I mean, I sold tadpoles door to door when I was a kid I was doing, I was making these hotel made tattoos and selling them.

Anita Heidema (20:11):

And I always, and I’ve sold flowers door to door as well. And I mean, I was always trying to find something. And then I got into the rut of thinking, I wasn’t good enough. And I work for a company and I mean, there’s always so much, that’s built from that and knowledge that I developed, but that timeframe, I didn’t have that belief in myself and all that time in many ways was wasted. Right. So it’s so true, you know, there’s little triggers in there. And if you have that support and you get out there and do it, you can save so much time.

Pam (20:38):

Absolutely. Well, let’s wrap up kind of our questions with you, Anita, with we know that mindset really drives everything. So

Pam (20:48):

Can you give us three things that you could do immediately to make a difference when it comes to this?

Anita Heidema (20:53):

I would say the first thing that I go back to is, is that awareness is really understanding and having that awareness, that you’ve got something that’s holding you back in different areas. And that is huge. There’s many clients that I don’t even coach because they don’t get past that awareness part and you work with them and work with them and you, and that is something that’s, it’s mind breaking for you. So it’s sitting down and really understanding and journaling, okay. You know, what, what has happened in my life, that’s held me back. And that’s something that you could work with with a coach or a friend, or just even yourself to really get real and really understand, you know, those things that are holding you back and what your root success is, what I call moving forward. And then it’s being able to build those habits and put that into your life every day, as in, you know, conditioning yourself.

Anita Heidema (21:40):

So, you know, building that emotional fitness and that success mindset build some affirmations, okay, I am this. So you realize that you don’t have a belief in yourself. Okay. I, I do, I am good enough. And being able to build those positive affirmations in your life and then say them every day, this is really, really important. And then to condition also, I talk about the biochemistry and building that energy. So even getting out into nature and hiking or walking, and then talk that to yourself, you know, without anyone seeing even you can do it internally because people wonder, but you know, talk about yourself and have that visual piece in mind about what you’re creating and how you’re going to be able to get that to move forward. You know, it’s, it’s when you’re in that and actually creating it and moving it and creating it into motion, it makes the big, huge difference in your life to be able to move forward. So one is awareness journaling, I’d say the second would be to really build those affirmations and be able to say them. The second is to add in the biochemistry to be able to really add that action. So you, you’re standing tall, you’re walking, you’re very strong. I’m doing it as we’re talking here, but you can’t see me, but is, you know, standing up strong and really, really feeling that within your body.

Pam (22:50):

I love it. Concrete steps that we can take to kind of move past some of those inner game blocks. Thank you so much, Anita, for sharing about mindset today, it really is key for the foundation of our success. So thank you so much for sharing that, but before we let you go, Anita, I kind of am really interested about your passion is cooking. I mentioned it in your bio, but can you tell us a little bit about it? Cause you say it’s a multi-platform lifestyle, travel food and cooking media program with of course your hubby chef Dario Tomaselli.

Anita Heidema (23:30):

Yeah. We have so much fun with that. So with, with my coaching practice, I only take VIP clients now because I want to do more one-on-one and it gives me the opportunity to spend more time with passion cooking with Daria, which we absolutely love. So we’ve our two strengths, you know, Daria was a chef me as a mindset coach. And how do you get back in the kitchen together? How do you eat together again? How do you connect, uh, and travel? You know, and that’s what the whole business is around. We do, you know, passions, cooking, lifestyle, TV, where we talk about, you know, we do recipes, we do cooking, we have this thing called culinary reunion with Daria gets together with chefs from around the world to do cooking. We just have so many different platforms and areas that we and programs that we do with our international dinner club membership, just to bring people together again, you know, through food and through lifestyle and through travel. And it’s so important to us and we created it because, you know, we want it to be together. So it’s all around the connection. And we were finding, I was speaking around the world, he was cooking some other places and we wanted to be able to work together more and have that time because it’s so important to be connected.

Pam (24:35):

I love it, Anita. And I know that so many people are really following passion is cooking and I’m just so excited for you guys. Cause I love what you’re doing.

Anita Heidema (24:46):

Yeah. We really enjoyed, and it’s our passion and it’s something that we can do together and we’ve go to culinary retreats. We we’ve done all types of things for people and it’s all around, you know, cooking, travel and lifestyle. Well, if I wasn’t ready for a big spread of food, 15, 20 minutes ago, I sure am now. So, and I gotta tell you, I never really have a bad mindset around eating. I’m always up for that. So yeah, it’s, it’s a lot of fun. We really enjoy ourselves and have fun in the kitchen together for sure. Thanks so much.

Pam (25:17):

Awesome. So how can people get in touch with you or find you in here,

Anita Heidema (25:21):

Come on over to www.AnitaHeidema.com or come on over to www passion is cooking.com. Either one of those, uh, those areas. You can see what, uh, what I’m up to and what, uh, what we’re doing with passion is cooking. So I’d love to see everyone there.

Pam (25:37):

Awesome. And of course that will be in our show notes. So you’ll be able to find Anita there as well. All right, well, thank you ladies, Jane and Anita, for another amazing show and we would really love you to get out there and take those three steps that Anita mentioned and work on your inner game.

Anita Heidema (25:59):

Thanks so much ladies for having me. This is wonderful. Bye everybody.

Pam (26:05):

Well, that’s a wrap everyone. Thanks for joining us this week on the flourish and grow to CEO podcast. Be sure to visit our website at [inaudible] dot biz. That’s F L O U R I S h.biz, where you can subscribe to the shows in iTunes, Stitcher, or via RSS. So you’ll never miss an episode. You can also find our show notes and resources there too. And while you’re at it, if you found value in this show, we’d love for you to leave a rating on iTunes. Or if you’d simply tell a friend about the show that would sure help us out too. Now get out there and flourish.

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What does it take to build a successful business? That’s the question we want to answer for women business owners, so we can flourish and grow together from solopreneur to strategic CEO. Flourish and Grow to CEO is hosted by small business management certified, Pam Ivey and sales strategist, Jane Garee, who share their experiences in business ownership, sales and marketing to help women entrepreneurs scale their business and flourish confidently into the CEO role.

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