How to Create
Fast + Profitable

Use Content You Already Own to Quickly Create New Streams of Income


It seems like everyone and their grandma are selling information products these days. Digital products like eBooks, online courses, templates, and email challenges are all low cost solutions to common problems that people struggle with.

Why do so many people want to sell infoproducts?

It’s because these easy-to-create products can help you:  

  • Earn new income without spending 1:1 time with clients 
  • Increase awareness of your brand and expertise 
  • Build loyal relationships with your customers by helping them get faster results 
  • Create more sales down the road 
  • ...and even free you up to spend more time on non-business activities

But there’s a problem...

Most small business owners and entrepreneurs are already maxed out on the time they have. They know that infoproducts can do wonders for their profits and their freedom, but they don’t see how they can fit it into their schedule.


We can teach you how to create high-value infoproducts quickly and repeatedly.

We'll show you how you can use content you ALREADY OWN to build new streams of income with multiple infoproducts.

Here's what you'll be learning...


Introduction: What you'll learn in this course

Find out where infoproducts fit into your business model, and how you can use those products to help your market, enlarge your audience, and establish your reputation as an expert in your niche.

define your buyer


Define Your Market and Buyer

A successful infoproduct starts like any business – with the target buyer. 

In Module 1, you’ll show your clients the first key to making sure their product will be profitable. You’ll teach them how to define their target buyer profile, including needs and learning preferences, so they’ll know exactly what their infoproducts can be about.

map out your content


Map Your Best Assets to Your Buyer's Needs

You'll learn the next key to creating your infoproducts quickly – use what you already own. 

We'll guide you through doing an inventory of your current intellectual and content assets, showing you how to figure out what you can use to meet your buyer’s needs… without wasting precious time creating everything from scratch.

Minimum Viable Product


Create Your MVP (Minimum Viable Product)

How to select your first product, gather your assets, and put it all together to create a step-by-step outline. By the end of this module, you will be able to produce a high-value infoproduct that’s ready to launch.

beta test


Pricing, Delivery, Set-Up and Beta Testing

Once you have created your Minimum Viable Product, you're ready to plan the details of doing a first ‘beta’ launch, so you can get the product out and tested without overcomplicating things with a huge launch. 

You'll learn ways to price your product and successfully deliver it to your market. We'll also discuss ideas to add value to your product through bonuses and add-ons, so you'll feel confident in your pricing.

feedback and revision


Feedback and Revision

You’ve now been taken through the planning and product creation process, how to do a quick launch and beta-test. Now it’s time to assess and revise. 

In this module, we'll show you how to gather feedback on your infoproduct and how to use that feedback to improve for your next, bigger launch. You'll know exactly what to do to make sure the next version of your infoproduct will be a big hit, and where you can create even more products.

what's next


Conclusion and Next Steps

In the final module, we'll review everything you've learned in the course and discuss how to implement a system that will help you create a catalog of products to see consistent results. You will do some action planning, and will be ready to jump straight into implementing the proven process for fast infoproduct creation.


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