How to Systemize Your Online Business in Just 5 Steps

You started your own business because you wanted the freedom that comes with being your own boss. Unfortunately, reality has set in, and you find that you are now busier than ever and can barely find the time to eat, let alone enjoy running your own company. If you’re bogged down with the daily tasks that aren’t utilizing your strengths, then it’s time for you to introduce systemization into your online business. Here are five easy steps to help you start systemizing today.

Identify Repetitive Tasks

The first step to systemization is to identify all the daily tasks and processes that you have in place. This includes everything from checking your email to setting appointments to creating and sending out your invoices. Open a new spreadsheet with six columns labeled, Inventory, Automated, Manual, Hybrid, Time Saved, Status.

Categorize Your Systems

In the columns on your spreadsheet marked, Manual, Automated, and Hybrid, check the category that explains the kind of system you will use to complete those tasks. Any tasks that can be achieved automatically through technology will be marked in the Automated column. The Manual column will encompass everything that can’t be automated. Those tasks that can have a combination of both will be checked in the Hybrid column.

Establish a Priority

You want first to complete those tasks that are more likely to have the most significant impact on your company’s growth. Determine an approximate dollar amount that you believe the system will contribute to your business and add it to your spreadsheet. You can also establish priority by determining which repetitive tasks are taking up the most time.

Create a Process

This is the most critical step in systemizing your business. You need to create a detailed process for each task. This means listing out every step needed to accomplish the job from the first step until the last. This step needs to be as detailed as possible, so you can provide the information to anyone in the company and have them execute the process without any problems.

Track and Optimize

To know how well your systems are working you need to have a way to track the results. If you identify any problems in the process, you can begin to tweak and optimize them so that you can gain greater efficiency, sales, and profits.

Systemizing your business will take a lot of hard work and effort up front but will be well worth it in the end when you have more time to enjoy not only your business but your personal life as well.