Need Clients Now? Here’s How…

There are so many people – “gurus” or influencers or others – telling us that we should do this thing, or that thing, or this marketing fad, or the latest “guaranteed” tactic, or this amazing magic bullet. Hey, you just have to use a “tripwire” (super low priced first offer). You have to have these 20 funnels…

I say, to heck with all that “stuff”!

Don’t get me wrong. My gawd, I’ve been down all those rabbit holes too many times to count. I’ve got tons of funnels (I’m a techie, so setting up automations is pretty easy for me), I’ve bought way too many training programs around launches, memberships, tripwire frameworks. I’ve also created, my goodness, what must be in the hundreds of lead magnets over the years. I’ve set up complicated processes for potential clients to go through.

Some of these things can get some results. Sure. But I’ve never experienced the “wildly successful fill-in-the-blank” that’s always promised.

Do you know what my most successful was of getting new clients has been over the last 20+ years of owning an online business?


I have always said, “People do business with people they know, like and trust.” (I call this the KLT Factor.) So ya. Relationships.

If you want to get new customers and clients in the fastest way, ditch the complicated funnels (or at least put them aside for now), and pick up the phone or reach out personally by private message or email.

Now, I’m not saying that funnels can’t be a way to get clients. Not at all.

What I am saying is that so many people get mired in the technology or in the latest tactics, frameworks, systems, they go around and around the marketing bush 🎶. All this work keeps us busy–yes, you feel like you’re doing a lot… but it’s not going to get you clients quickly.

So, if you need it, here’s my permission to stop with all the back-end work, and get out there face (or voice) first and start building relationships with people who you would work well with and need what you have to offer. 

Pam Ivey

Pam Ivey is co-founder of Flourish + Grow to CEO, and is a coach, trainer and strategist for women business owners, particularly those aged 40+, who always feel busy but just can’t seem to cross that elusive 6-figures, creating a sustainable business. Many are what we here at Flourish call, “Gig Masters”. Often service-based owners that work from client to client, and project to project, with little or no recurring, reliable income. Through coaching, masterminds and private one-on-one consulting, Flourish helps women build sustainable businesses that not only provides but also thrives, providing the lifestyle they desire.