Episode 36 Show Notes

The Art of Feminine Marketing with Coach Julie Foucht

‘Business is about going out there and making things happen!’ Have you ever heard something like this before? Because we sure have and, as women business owners, sometimes it can be a little exhausting to only lean on our masculine energy that wants to hustle and move forwards 24/7. Sometimes we need to get back to our feminine energy.

In this episode, we tap into this with Feminine Marketing coach Julie Foucht. Julie is a successful business coach who tripled her income in less than a year by learning and doing marketing like a man (Impressive!), but that made her miss the creative flow, so she found another way, the feminine way!

Julie now hosts The Art of Feminine Marketing podcast and teaches other women how to use their skills to fulfill their divine purpose.

Today we discuss:

  • [01:23] Introduction to Julie Foucht, who teaches us about the art of female marketing.
  • [04:01] What is feminine marketing and how is it different from traditional marketing. A little bit of history of women in business.
  • [11:01] How to succeed in feminine marketing without getting overwhelmed by the new trends and shiny objects. 
  • [19:50] Practical tips to finding a balance between your feminine and masculine energy to take action and check your To-do list more efficiently.
  • [26:28] How to attract new people to your community. Transmitting your energy in your copy.
  • [33:44] Rapid fire questions with Julie Foucht. 

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Speaker 1 (00:19):


Pam (00:20):

Are you a lady boss making 50 to a hundred thousand in your business, and you’re ready to break through that six figure barrier.

Jane (00:28):

Have you done a great job of creating a nice life as the ultimate gig master, but no, your inner CEO is calling you to greater Heights. You’re in the right place. If you want to create and implement solid fundamentals in your business without sacrificing fun.

Pam (00:42):

I’m Pam Ivey, I’m certified in small business management and I concentrate in the areas of training and certifying real estate assistance, coaching and mentoring entrepreneurs in online business, marketing growth and profit acceleration. And I take men and women business owners aged 40 plus two bucket list destinations around the world for a month at a time to work, explore, and live in community.

Jane (01:08):

I’m Jane Garee, known as the sales strategist for the non sales person. And I work with business owners who want to increase their conversion rate, shorten their sales cycle and have more impact and influence with the work they do all while having more fun with selling.

Pam (01:23):

Hello everyone. And welcome back to the flourish and grow to CEO podcast. We have a guest with us here today who has a subject that’s near and dear to my heart and that’s marketing, but she’s got a really cool twist on it. So we’re really excited to speak with Julie Foucht.

When Julie decided she needed to take her coaching business seriously, she hired an high end coach and learn to market like a man. She doubled then tripled her income in less than a year, but she felt drained uninspired and restless urged by spirit. She embraced her essential woman-ness and birth a new way.

The art of feminine marketing today, Julie teaches female coaches, teachers, and healers who are frustrated with traditional marketing, how to build six figure businesses through the art of feminine marketing Julie’s clients report, having clear vision of their divine purpose, greater passion for their work, the skills to be attracting the perfect clients and are being paid well for their gifts.

Julie received her coach certification in 2006, from the coaches training Institute, she served on the boards of numerous nonprofits and was named women of the year or woman just won by the professional women’s network of the Monterey peninsula. In 2013, she’s married to the love of her life has four children, two stepchildren, two furry, and seven spoiled grandchildren. Now that is a awesome sounding family. Welcome, Julie.

Julie Foucht (03:07):

Thank you. We actually need to update that now we have eight grand babies now.

Pam (03:13):

Congratulations. Oh my goodness. And growing, right?

Julie Foucht (03:18):

Yeah. W uh, maybe the last one. Yeah, super fun. And I get to spend a lot of time with, um, the ones that are local because I’ve designed a business where I get to take the time off.

Pam (03:39):

Amen to that. And we’re all about that. That’s for sure, because you’re with your grandchildren, Jane and I are on a plane whenever we get the chance so we can take our business with us. So that’s really awesome. So you’ve really intrigued me honestly, with the art of feminine marketing. So can you describe your take on feminine marketing?

Julie Foucht (04:01):

Absolutely. So I think we have to start with what traditional marketing looks like and traditional ways of being in business. And when women entered the marketplace, you know, starting in the sixties and then really fully in the eighties, when so many women started entering the marketplace, our examples were men. You know, the only people we had to look up to were men, and you can look at the fashion of the eighties and see how this affected women.

The big shoulder pads, the narrow skirts. We really started to take on the persona of men in pencil skirts. And when women started having their own businesses, they did the same thing. And there’s this way of marketing in the traditional paradigm. The masculine paradigm that says go out there, find a need, fill the need, and then drive, drive, drive, drive, drive yourself to success.

And that doesn’t work for the feminine soul that driving that grinding, that pushing is really, really hard on while I think both men and women, but men have more testosterone so they can push it harder.

Julie Foucht (05:19):

And for women it’s just exhausting. It wears them out. So when we move into a feminine way of marketing, it’s much more inside, out than outside in. And what I mean by that is it starts with our connection, with our divine feminine.

I teach my clients to go and have conversations with the energy of their business about how they want to market and about what will work for them. I teach them to take the formulas and then go into a meditation and connect with source energy connect with our highest self and determine how those formulas, how they’re going to tweak the formulas, what pieces they’re going to use, what pieces they’re going to let go of.

So it’s a much more unique and soul centered way of doing business. I really

Pam (06:13):

Like the sounds of that. You know, the hustle, hustle, hustle, hustle is so masculine and it just poops us women out. I got to say, it’s not the way we’re built.

Julie Foucht (06:25):

I know so many women who, you know, have said to me, I built a six figure business and then collapsed with adrenal fatigue. Or I built a seven figure business and got cancer, or there’s one woman who was the face of a multi-million dollar company. And she got home from a speaking gig and couldn’t get out of the car and spent the next four months in bed because that push just wears you out.

And when you think about it, women run on a cycle, right? Our bodies run on a cycle and there’s periods during the month when we need to be resting, when we need to be tapping into source and we need to be deeply into meditation and we need to be getting the messages.

And there are times during the month where we are lit up and we are bright and we can be out there marketing and we can be showing up and, um, just have lots of radiants, but we run in that cycle and we have to figure out what our cycle is. And the moons, the moon cycle is a great place to start tracking your cycle.

Um, and I’ll even look, sometimes I’ll have a really bad couple of days and I’ll be grumpy and I’ll be like, what’s going on? It’s a new moon. I need to be like doing the reconnection work versus being out there, um, you know, pushing and launching and promoting. And so we need to find our own cycle to begin to work in.

Jane (08:12):

Yeah, I think that’s great. Julie, I was just having a conversation earlier with somebody today, and we were talking about kind of the, it’s almost like a dichotomous situation where there’s such a love for the work that we do and such a burnout when having to promote and market and market and promote. And we were specifically using that language around it’s hustle, hustle, hustle, it’s drive forward.

It’s plow ahead. You know, it’s all these kinds of like really strong masculine, get it done. And not that there’s anything wrong with the masculine energy because we need it, but it’s, it’s women just aren’t. We can’t go in that masculine energy, 24 7 without all of the things that you were talking about, the fatigue, or even if it isn’t physically manifesting in our bodies, it’s, it’s emotionally, like I know I’ve had days where I just, I couldn’t get out of bed for no other reason than I was exhausted.

And I’m thinking, why am I so exhausted? And it wasn’t my body that was exhausted. It was, it was my, my heart, my mind, you know, cause I thought if I have to get up and hit it hard and pull myself up by my bootstraps and plow down and push forward one more time today. I just, I can’t.

Julie Foucht (09:22):

And, and that language that you’re using is all masculine language, pull yourself up. The feminine is collaborative. The feminine is connective. And the feminine, when you think about the feminine, the feminine is about opening and deepening.

The masculine is about grinding and pounding and rising up and crushing it. But the feminine is about how do we open? How do we deepen our connections? How do we become the, the sisters that other people, other women want to join?

And women are hungry for communities where they can be allowed to shine. Right? I don’t know about you guys, but there’s so many women communities where they want you to be a part of them. Um, they want you to be in their crab bucket, you know, let’s get together let’s about everybody else. And when you try and climb out of that crap bucket, they’re like, Nope, pull you back down.

I was at a networking group and was told I had become too visible and too successful. And could I please just damp myself down a little bit for this organization? Yeah. So women are really hungry for that connection and in that community.

And when you can provide that and when are feminine marketing expresses that then women lean in, it’s just such a relief.

Jane (11:01):

So part of, I think what causes burnout is there’s just so much, there’s so much noise going on and specifically about marketing and promoting and prospecting and it just can get overwhelming very quickly. So if we look through the lens of how do we stay in our, in our feminine so that we are we’re open and receiving.

And then of course, knowing that we still have to get things done, we’re business owners, but what are some suggestions you have that would allow a woman business owner to be successful when it comes to marketing without getting overwhelmed with the bright, shiny object and the new way and the new thing and the new program every single day, multiple times a day.

Julie Foucht (11:43):

Yeah, I think that’s a great question. And I like the, the shiny object syndrome because I can get caught up in that. But the answer to that is you don’t get up at 8:00 AM and start your day at eight, you get up at 8:00 AM. You take time to meditate.

I take time every morning to go out and walk in nature and plant my feet on the ground. And fortunately, I live in this beautiful place where I’ve got acres and acres of wilderness, just a couple of steps outside my back door, like two steps outside my back door.

And so taking time in nature, taking time to connect and then taking time to connect with source or God, the universe, whatever you want to call it, whether that be in a meditation, whether that be in, um, doing, you know, a dance, whether it be praying, it’s taking that time to connect with the greater thing.

Julie Foucht (12:50):

And in that you can spend time really asking your business, what is it that you desire today? What would be most helpful today? Now when you’re planning that then the masculine comes in and says, I can support that. I spend a lot of time teaching my clients to connect with their highest self.

And that’s the self that they were really born to be that self without the masks, without the wounds, that powerful goddess energy that lives in all of us. And in connecting to that and becoming strong in that, that allows you to move into your day without being buffeted around by all of the other things, you know, a lot of women are people pleasers.

So, you know, oh, coach Joe said to do this. And coach Susie said to do this. And even though they’re not in my world, I should please both of them by doing their thing.

Julie Foucht (13:51):

And then over here, I’m trying to please my husband and my kids and all of this, and really by connecting to that highest self, our goddess self, we can say strong and know, this is what’s important to me. This is my mission.

This is how I’m moving forward. And I know we’re not talking strategy yet, but this is like the underpinnings of being able to put those strategies in place. I think who you be is much more important than the actions you’re taking, because who you be opens the energetics for people to want to be in your presence.

And then those actions you take are much more supported and yes, the actions are important. I love that. You said that Jane, we still have to take action. We can’t spend all day in meditation. We still have to take action, but the actions that’s the masculine within us taking action.

And the masculine is designed to support the feminine. So we’ve got to connect with the feminine, we’ve got to create connect with our creative centers. We’ve got to connect with source and then the messages of what we are you’re doing come from that place.

Pam (15:15):

It isn’t making sense, but I, you know, I come from such a practical standpoint and I think I have way more masculine in me than feminine when it comes to my business, because I’m going, this is all awesome. But how do I get things done?

Julie Foucht (15:31):

It’s going to sit around and feel gravy with my green all. Well, here’s the interesting thing about that because I can be very massive as well. And especially if I’ve got a big to-do list, um, and it’s been a real challenge to go, okay.

I can’t just plow in, got to put the practices in place. But what I’ve discovered is when I do the practices, when I take the time in the morning to do those things, then the to-do list is easier to get through and I can check things off faster. So it happens with more ease and it’s faster because I’ve done the other stuff. And I am not a scientist.

I do not understand quantum physics other than to know that when I’m in the practices, then I can expand time. So that the hour I have, I actually can get an hour and a half worth of work done. And when I am not in the practices, man, that hour and a half’s worth the work can take me two or three hours.

Pam (16:45):

I think it’s really interesting because listeners out there know that I am anything but woo. And it’s it’s woo for me, what you’re talking about. However, I say that with a caveat, it’s making sense to me that something must, it’s really making sense to me that because I do sit in my masculine, I think so much because I have such a huge to-do list and it’s just like, let’s get down to business.

And I do that. I get up in the morning, I get to work and I work until I go to bed at night. I apparently need hobbies.

Julie Foucht (17:22):

I will send you a couple. Yeah.

Pam (17:26):

Excellent. But when you’re speaking about going out and walking in nature, I know that I feel so much better after I’ve done that. And I’m so mu26ch more creative throughout the entire day. So maybe I’m getting in touch more with my feminine doing that, right.

Julie Foucht (17:44):

Uh, absolutely nature. You know, we call it mama earth. Nature is a very feminine thing. It’s very much about connecting. Now, if you want to up your, your nature, um, be really conscious of putting your feet on the ground when you walk and just be conscious of what that feels like.

I was in ceremony with a Lakota elder, and he said that the name for the earth, and I’m not going to say it because I can’t remember exactly the pronunce Ishan, but he said, they call the earth, the me that I walk upon. Right? So everything’s connected, everything’s energy.

So when you’re really conscious of walking on the ground and feeling that energy, you’ll begin to feel the energy of the animals that are hidden around or know the birds you’ll feel the different energies of the trees. And it just connects you to everything that is on a much deeper level.

Julie Foucht (18:49):

Now get this with your marketing, if you are already connected, because we are all made of the same source energy, if you are already connected to other people and they can feel your energy and feel that connection between you and them.

When you send out that email or you write your Facebook posts or you post on LinkedIn, then there’s already connection there and they’re there energetically. They go, oh, that’s my friend, Pam. And then they stop and read what you’ve put out versus them just passing it by as more noise out in the world.

And that’s, what’s so important that we do this work before we sit down and begin to write our copy. Copy’s important. I’m not saying it’s all woo. Right. It’s just first parts. Whoa.

Jane (19:50):

And that was the question I was really going to ask Julie, because I’m, I’m, I’m more wooed than Pam, but probably my biggest challenge in any given day is really striking that balance between that the practical and the woo or the masculine and the feminine, because I’m, I’m notorious for pulling the I’ll do 12 hours and hit it hard.

And all of that hardcore language that we just talked about. But then the next thing, you know, I’m spending 12 hours sitting in a rocker, staring out at the lake and taking nature walks and feeling like groovy and divine and hanging out with the Woodland creatures.

And so there are these locks, you know, I can lose all day lost in the feminine, which feels really lovely, but doesn’t do anything to move my business forward. So can you give us maybe three really practical tips of how to, how to achieve the balance and then maybe some actions that we could

Julie Foucht (20:47):

All take to support that balance? Yeah. So there’s a couple of things. Number one, I’m a great believer in using a timer. So whatever you’re doing, whether it be, you know, checking Facebook or, you know, I’m taking my time, just staring out at nature to turn on a timer. It doesn’t have to be a obnoxious timer, can be a nice little times and, and then chunking things up.

So if I’ve got a big, long to-do list, I will close the to-do list and go, you know, go draw, go paint. Because the to-do list is too long. So you’ve got to be able to take her to do is and chunk it up. And if Jane, if you can look at your list and say, what are the three things on this list that will move me towards my ultimate goal? What are the three top things?

Julie Foucht (21:45):

And then you take those three things and you write each one on its own little sticky note. I love sticky notes. I should have stock and posted. Um, you write them on three different sticky notes, close your notebook and put those sticky notes on the top of the notebook.

So you can’t see the rest of the to-do list. All you can see it are those three things. And then you do those things and you throw away the sticky notes. Or I had a client who would pile up the sticky notes so that at the end of the month, she could celebrate how much she got done. Um, like that

Pam (22:22):

We call that our, instead of our, to do list, we have a done list. So we feel the accomplishment.

Julie Foucht (22:29):

Yes. I love that. That’s your to done list. Yeah. Yeah. And I learned that I had a client who was a project manager and she was like, this is the simplest way. Now here’s the thing to be aware of. If your things on your sticky notes are too big and you’re finding yourself not getting them done or putting them off, you’ve got to chunk it down further.

So you can always chunk each task down even more. For instance, let’s say you’re creating a new free gift. And so you write that on a sticky note and you put it on your notebook and you’re like, oh my gosh, that’s so big. I can’t do that. I can’t do that. And you find yourself for three or four days, not moving that note, then take it and chunk it down to outline, create an outline of my free gift.

Julie Foucht (23:28):

Now here’s what I’m going to caution you on. A lot of us feel like, oh, I’ve got those three things. I’m going to open my notebook today. And I’m going to write three more things down. And then the next day, what happens is our brain goes, you never stopped you.

If we did those three things, we could go play in nature. Or we could go, you know, we could go sit at Starbucks and people watch, or, you know, whatever it is, you promised your brain. And so if you’ve made that kind of deal, you’ve got to go, Hey, I got my three things done. I get to have time and I get to go do something.

That’s going to really light me up from the inside out. And that will make your brain the next day go right? What’s up. Let’s get our three things done instead of dragging yourself out of bed. Cause you worked 12 hours the day before.

Pam (24:22):

Hey lady boss, do you think like a CEO when your business starts taking off, you’re ready to scale up. At this point, you’ve got to stop thinking of yourself as a solopreneur and start thinking of yourself as the CEO of your company. If you remain in the mindset of a one person operation, then you won’t be able to grow.

You’ll never have the time, energy or expertise to do everything by yourself and your business. Won’t be the success that it has the potential to be. So are you thinking like a CEO take our free assessment to find out you can find it@flourish.biz forward slash think that’s F L O U R I S H dot B I Z Ford slash T H I N K. Once again. That’s flourished.biz for slash think. All right, lady boss. Let’s get back to the show with feminine marketing coach Julie Foucht.

Okay. I’ve heard so many times, you know, pick your top three things, but just you adding those close your notebook and add and put your stickies on the front of your notebook. I’m totally doing that. I think that’s brilliant.

Julie Foucht (25:36):

Yeah. I love that. And, and again, that was something I learned from a client of mine. So getting to be with other brilliant people like this is why I love podcasting. I get to be with other brilliant people and learn their tips and tricks

Pam (25:53):

For sure. And we learned so many holy smokes, but that was so big for me. And it’s so funny. I’m really into the Pomodoro technique. So, you know, set your timer for 25 minutes, work intensely and then take a walk or something like that. But you know, I’ve never set a little timer for me, surfing Facebook, for instance.

So I get lost in it. They just, I mean, they, they sound like such little things, but they can be so powerful. They’ve been oh, awesome tips, Julie. Thank you.

Julie Foucht (26:26):

Oh, thank you.

Pam (26:28):

Now, one of the biggest things we really focus on, or, you know, we emphasize with our clients is that a lot of people really understand the phase of nurturing our, but the really important aspect. I mean, they’re all important. We work on the ATUs principle.

They’re all important aspects. Absolutely. But we really need to attract new audiences to us, right. In order to have new people, to market, to a new community, to build relationships with how do you instruct your clients or, or help your clients attract new people to their communities?

Julie Foucht (27:10):

Oh, that’s such a big question. Um, okay. There’s a couple of things. Number one is to be the person that has a big community. And that means you act like you are the person who has the big community you embody. Like you’re not going to be whining on Facebook about your mother-in-law.

If you want to attract people who want to create great family relationships, I don’t think you should whine about your mother on Facebook anyway. But you know, like look at who do I need to be to have the business that I want to have and what does that entail?

And so that’s the first thing is the being ness. The second thing I teach my clients, this really interesting method of, um, finding the right words. And I really believe that words are spells and using the right word will attract people and using the wrong words will push people away or the red words, because we’re not going to judge words, but like there are words that will push people away in their work.

Julie Foucht (28:25):

There are words that will connect people. So we do a process of looking at your childhood wounds and what you felt in those wounding experiences and then what you craved in those wounding experiences and those become you’re away from, and you’re towards marketing words.

And when you begin to sprinkle those words into your marketing, it actually will attract more of your people towards you. And it will repel the people you’re not meant to serve, you know, the ones that are going to be a pain in the, your tushy and that you don’t want to deal with, but the ones that are meant to be yours will, will become attracted to you.

So that’s a very kind of masculine technique that we use. And then the other thing that I do is all have my clients and I do this for myself too. So it’s not just me talking, but I do this drop into a meditative state and then I will create a half way out into the universe and I’ll send a golden light out.

Julie Foucht (29:33):

And I do this 360 degrees all around sending golden light on a spiritual plane so that people can find them. And, um, it’s so funny. Cause when I do that, all of a sudden, my Facebook lights up with a bunch of people wanting to be my friend.

I didn’t know where they came from and then it’s my job. So I invite those people in and then I invite them into my Facebook group because in my Facebook group is where I can really nurture people. We do so much fun stuff in there and we do challenges and we do money teachings and business teachings and all of that, my Facebook group.

So that’s kind of the pattern for me as I send it out, this energetic invite, invite them into my group. And then I start using the language that I know will move the ones I’m meant to work with closer and closer to me until they say yes.

Julie Foucht (30:31):

And I think that really is the difference between the push energy and the pull energy. Yeah, I don’t want to, well, I don’t want to do either. I don’t want to push and I don’t want to pull, what I want to do is I’m going to open myself up, let my light shine so that the people who are attracted to that, they move themselves towards me.

And that way they’re in freewill because even using the language portion pool feels like I’m manipulating other people. And just, I’m just getting this as I’m saying this to Jane. So thanks for saying that. Like it’s not that I want to be so radiant. I’m like the light to the moth, right. And that requires me to do the work on me. That requires me to do the check of who am I being today.

I’m being a whiny little brat. That’s not going to work. Nobody’s going to be attracted to that. If I’m standing in the energy of my highest saw, I am radiating my goddess energy. That’s going to attract people like MAs. And honestly, it’s not always easy to be in goddess energy, but that’s why that morning Pratt, the morning practices are so important.

Pam (31:47):

I’m sitting with it all right. Now, honestly, I’m just, I’m sitting with it. It’s really quite interesting because, um, a lot of what you’re saying is making sense to me.

Julie Foucht (31:57):

Awesome. I’m really glad sometimes I talk and I wonder

Pam (32:03):


Julie Foucht (32:04):

When I started my coaching practice, I wasn’t very masculine. I mean, I studied the formulas. I know how to build a lunch plan. I was sitting in a group of high-end leaders and somebody was telling us about it was dining’s telling us about their best launch ever.

And it was a million and a half dollar launch. And they work 14 hour days, seven days a week with their whole team. And there were times they couldn’t even get up to go to the bathroom. And I just like my whole soul went, uh, and uh, want that

Jane (32:41):

Watches for years behind the scenes leading the sales team. And I will tell you that his launch life, and it was in 2000 at the end of 2019, I said, I need to retire from doing this. I just can’t. I can’t, we’re not made to work that way.

Julie Foucht (33:00):

Yeah. I mean, I love my business. I love working with my clients. I love content creation. And I also love playing with my grandkids and uh, doing art right now. I’m I’m really into making Oracle card decks right now and drawing all the pictures for them just cause it’s fun.

Oh yeah. Fine. And I wouldn’t want to give that up. I mean, I have a really great life where I get to do all of it. I’m not buying into, I have to work 14 hour days in order to be successful. I refuse.

Pam (33:44):

And I think that’s why so many women use the term bro marketing and why it just feels so yuck to us. Right. Awesome. Okay. I think it’s time. What do you think Jane? For some rapid fire questions? I think that’s great. So this is something that we do so that we can get to know you.

I mean, we’re, we’re really getting to know you Julie, but even a little bit more, but maybe these feel masculine. I don’t know, but they’re just some quick questions and whatever comes to the top of your mind, that’s what you go with. Okay. Okay.

Julie Foucht (34:25):

We’ve done the feminine. So now we can do the masculine, rapid fire. Cool.

Pam (34:31):

Are you an early bird or a night owl?

Julie Foucht (34:34):

Uh, I used to be a night owl and I’m becoming more and more of an early bird. Yeah.

Pam (34:38):

Interesting. Are you a dog or a cat person? Cat.

Julie Foucht (34:42):

Have two of them

Pam (34:45):

Text or talking?

Julie Foucht (34:48):

Oh, that’s a tough one. Depends on who I’m, who I’m talking to.

Pam (34:54):

Interesting because I totally would’ve thought you’d say talking. Uh, would you like invisibility or super strength?

Julie Foucht (35:01):

Super strength. What’s

Pam (35:03):

One of the top things on your bucket list right now,

Julie Foucht (35:07):

Italy certainly. And a new kitchen. I think they kind of balanced.

Pam (35:14):

Uh, cause our next question is always, if you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go? But I’m going to leave that question out because everybody always adds, adds it to their bucket list. Okay. What’s the very best piece of advice you’ve been given in business. I know that’s not a quick one.

Julie Foucht (35:32):

Um, well the, the very best advice is sources. My source, which is clients are not the source of my income. My husband’s, income’s not the source of my income.

My work is not the source of my income source or God, the universe, whichever you want to call it. Source is my source source takes care of me. Source has my back. And that has saved me so much stress and worry when things don’t look the way I think they should. Yeah.

Pam (36:05):

Alright. And our last question, describe yourself in three simple words.

Julie Foucht (36:14):

Um, three words, entrepreneurial, which, and grandma.

Pam (36:22):

Awesome. So we totally did get to know a little bit more about you there, Julie. So where can people connect with you and learn more?

Julie Foucht (36:30):

Yeah, so they can find me on Facebook. We have a Facebook group, a feminine business magic, and you can connect with me there. And like I said, we do all kinds of business building, uh, money, opening for money, all kinds of activities there to help more women have more money and more success in their, their marketing and in their business.

Uh, you can find us on Instagram at the art of feminine business and you can find me on my website at Julie [inaudible] dot com.

Pam (37:06):

That’s awesome. And of course, listeners, we will have all of Julie’s contact information in our show notes. And I just want to thank you so much, Julie, for spending the time with us. I am enlightened. Absolutely. And I have a lot to think about, so thank you.

Julie Foucht (37:24):

Oh, thank you so much for having me. I know that what I teach in, what I do is not the normal way and I really appreciate you taking the time to reflect on it and to see what pieces work for you.

Pam (37:40):

I think that is the perfect place to wrap up this episode. See what works for you.

Julie Foucht (37:48):

Thank you. Thank you.

Pam (37:53):

Well, that’s a wrap everyone. Thanks for joining us this week on the flourish and grow to CEO podcast. Be sure to visit our website@flourish.biz. That’s F L O U R I S h.biz, where you can subscribe to the shows in iTunes, Stitcher, or via RSS. So you’ll never miss an episode.

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