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Welcome to
Flourish & Grow to CEO

The Flourish + Grow to CEO Podcast is hosted by Pam Ivey and Jane Garee to help women scale their business and flourish confidently into CEO.

Hey Boss Lady!

We know you. We’ve been where you are. You’ve been working on your business for quite a while now and you’re still struggling to break that elusive six figure mark. (It can be a tough nut to crack.)

You’re exasperated with the lack of progress and you’re not going to do it anymore! There’s a way, you know it – you’ve seen others do it. Now, it’s your turn.

You’ve mastered getting by gig-by-gig (yes, you’re a GigMaster!) but you want more – like more consistent income, more of what you love to do, and more freedom to pursue passions outside of your business too.

We’ve both been where you are and know that it’s incredibly frustrating. Hustle, hustle, hustle. Working all kinds of hours, every day of the week… and it never feels like you’re getting ahead.

You want steady, predictable income, sane (humane?) working hours, time to work ON your business, not just frantically working in it to keep up with all the hats you must wear as a business owner.

What you want is to become a CEO.

To think strategically about what you want to create, what you want from your business, what you want your business to become, and what you want your overall life to look like. (What a concept!)

We can help you create a vision for your business — help you to determine your dreams and goals, and then guide you in creating a plan to get there.

Pam and Jane

“A CEO sees every project, every task, every decision as puzzles of a bigger picture–your future. So she treats it more than just its effects on the present but more importantly, considers its impact on the company vision. On the other hand, a solopreneur just focuses on getting things done.”

— Matina Pan Moon

Growth Pillars

The 7 Pillars of Business Growth

Inner Game

What you think about on the inside is what shows up for you on the outside. Your mindset is everything in your success.

Branding + Messaging

The message communicated to your target audience through your products and your verbal and non-verbal communication messages that describe what you do and how you’re different from others.


Building deeper, more meaningful relationships with people that want to buy your products and services. The ultimate goal is to create leads for sales conversations.


Selling is about discovering the prospect’s needs by asking them and actively listening, and then having a joint plan to help them achieve their needs better, faster and more cost-effectively than anyone else could help them.

Leadership + Team

To set and achieve challenging goals, take fast and decisive action when needed, and inspire others to perform at their highest level they can achieve.


Everything that happens within a company to keep it running and earning income. This includes things such as finance, systems and processes, and supply management.

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